Goodboy’s New Music Video “Here We Are” Draws Inspiration from Hong Kong Cinema

Goodboy, one half of the duo L.A. Goons, has released a new music video entitled “Here We Are.” The music video draws inspiration from Hong Kong cinema and showcases Goodboy’s unique style and sound.

Directed by Elijah Filamor, the music video is shot by Darcy Maunahan and edited by Persioux Crowley. The team has put together a visually stunning piece that pays homage to the vibrant and dynamic world of Hong Kong cinema.

The music video features Goodboy in various locations (Binondo, Escolta Manila and Tagaytay). The video is filled with fast-paced action and emotional shots, all set to the beat of Goodboy’s music.

“Here We Are” is a testament to Goodboy’s unique vision and style, which draws from a wide range of influences. Fans of Hong Kong cinema enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the visual elements of the music video, which showcases Goodboy’s creativity and skill.


Images credits to: Roger Sasam